What is Dataships?

At Dataships, we believe that you having data on your customers doesn't need to be shrouded in mis-trust. By being honest and open about the data you hold, you can show your users how important they are to you, how you respect them and their data rights and ultimately endear them to you.

Q: What is a Dataship?
A Dataship is a 'data relationship'. It's how you treat the data that you hold on your customers and how they think about the data they share with you. The healthier the data relationship with your customers, the more they are likely to share and ultimately purchase :)

Q: Why should I care?
A: Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of companies holding data on them and what they are doing with it. A recent IBM study showed that 75 percent of people will not buy a product from a company – no matter how great the products are – if they don't trust the company to protect their data"

Q: What's the cost of doing nothing?
A: Unfortunately that's no longer an option. New laws such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California have introduced new obligations for companies to be more transparent on the data they hold on their customers. Failure to do so can lead to large fines.

Q: What's Data Access Gateway?
A: This is the cornerstone of how you create and maintain great Data Relationships with your users. Through this gateway, you can communicate all the data you hold on your users and empower them to manage the data that you hold and communicate their preferences.

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