Christian needed a holistic compliance approach to satisfy both readers and advertisers




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Pundit Arena is a sports media publication powered by an in-house team of established sports writers and journalists.

Pundit Arena's compliance needs are two fold. On the B2C side, they need a solution for their readers that complies with GDPR, offers the user the best experience and allows Pundit Arena to continue to gather data in order to offer the reader a personalised experience. Key to this is building trust and being transparent with the reader.

Simultaneously they must have a compliance program in place that makes their advertising partners comfortable to work with them. This spans both the policies and procedures but also their technical set up with tools such as cookies and Google AMP.

“GDPR compliance is actually mission critical to us as a business. We need a program in place that allows us to continue to drive reader views whilst also satisfying partners that they can work with us.”

Christian McAlinden
Head Of Ad Operations

Dataships worked with Pundit Arena to understand their key business goals around data capture and worked to set up a cookie program accordingly. The Dataships development team then worked with Google on behalf of Pundit Arena to ensure that the Google AMP was set up properly and satisfied Google's requirements in order for Pundit Arena to take part in the program. Finally a best in class Privacy Centre was implemented. Pundit Arena now uses this to share with advertising partners as part of the due diligence process in order to win business.

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