Sinead was launching a new business and used Dataships to set up her compliance program.




Dublin, Ireland


Health & Wellness

Sinead is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Female Physiology Coach. She specialises in helping women to feel strong in themselves and in their abilities, throughout all stages of their lives.

Sinead was focusing on building out her online offering and wanted to begin marketing her new website. However, she was unsure what data compliance infrastructure, policies and procedures she needed in place before doing so.

“I wanted to begin online marketing but I didn't want to leave myself exposed from a data privacy point of view. Dataships set up everything I needed for me with a very quick turnaround time.”


Dataships had a kick off call with Sinead to understand what tools she was using in her product along with the marketing channels and strategies we wanted to engage. The team then integrated with the products she was using  while sense checking the marketing strategies. We then created a privacy policy, cookie policy and cookie declaration for her having her Privacy Centre ready to go within two days. Sinead went from being blocked on her marketing activity to having a fully compliant website and marketing plan.

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