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Icon Accounting use Dataships to manage their multifaceted privacy program

Icon Accounting use Dataships to manage their multifaceted privacy program


Icon Accounting Group comprises a number of companies including Icon Business Consulting Ltd, Icon Accountancy& Taxation Services Ltd (Kalc Accounting)





Dublin, Ireland


Financial Services – Accounting

As Ireland’s leading and fastest growing provider of one-stop-shop accountancy and compliance services for independent professional contractors, Icon Accounting Group recognise the importance of looking after their client’s data.

Icon Accounting Group were keen to implement an affordable and easy-to-use solution which provided their clients with the ability to facilitate their GDPR data privacy rights. To address this, Icon Accounting Group approached Dataships to install their Data Access Gateway widget on the Group’s website. The Dataships widget seamlessly made customer data from Icon Accounting’s bespoke client portal available to their clients and provided their clients with the ability to access, edit, download and delete their personal data.After several months of using the Dataships Data Access Gateway widget, Icon Accounting Group requested Dataships to perform a GDPR audit on the websites across the Group. Very quickly, Dataships was able to identify areas that needed attention and Icon requested to upgrade to the Dataships Privacy Centre and implement this solution across Icon Accounting Group’s websites to address their GDPR compliance obligations.


“We believe that taking responsibility for what we do with our client’s personal data and demonstrating the steps we’ve taken to protect their rights not only results in better data privacy compliance, but also offers the business a competitive edge. Dataships have provided us with an easy-to-use and affordable solution that gives us peace of mind that we are adhering to our GDPR obligations. On top of that, they are very easy to deal with and are always available when we have any GDPR related issues and queries”
‍Operations Manager

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As part of implementing the Privacy Centre on Icon Group’s websites, Dataships provided Icon Accounting Group with a ‘best-in-class’ privacy policy, cookies policy and cookies consent management tool. Since implementing the Dataships Data Privacy Centre, Icon Accounting Group rely on Dataships as their Data Privacy partner and trust Dataships to provide them with regular and reliable advice regarding their data privacy obligations.


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