Animo's story

Animo uses Dataships to build Privacy into the centre of the product.

With Quinn Underwood, Co Founder

Animo uses Dataships to build Privacy into the centre of the product.

COMPANY is a privacy first platform which allows companies and their employees to measure mental well-being in real time.


Toronto, Canada



Animo uses AI to passively measure the psychological health of teams, identifying early signs of increasing stress, anxiety, and burnout days to weeks in advance. Animo leverages Privacy by Design to keep employee privacy safe. recognised at the very outset of their development that they wanted to build a robust Privacy Program into their tool. This was of utmost importance to them in order for them to build trust with the companies they engage with and ultimately the end users.  Dataships came recommended and they reached out to discuss their product vision and how Privacy was a central part of their mission. Dataships then worked closely with to build a bespoke Privacy Centre and incorporate important principles such as Privacy by Design into their development.

“We knew that we wanted to embed the product in a robust Privacy Program and Dataships gave us all the tools we needed to achieve this. We were really impressed with the team’s knowledge of the Privacy landscape and their focus of putting the end user at the centre of all Privacy considerations.
Quinn Underwood
Quinn Underwood
Co Founder

Bee PricingTwo important features were identified in order to make the Animo Privacy Centre the best in class for their users:

1. Giving users tools to access, edit, download and delete the data held on them.
2. Engaging with Dataships on a continuous basis to ensure the principles of privacy are continuously at the centre of the Animo Product.  

In order to achieve this, Dataships pre built and integrated with the data sources being used by Animo and engaged with the company as outsourced Data Protection Officers. Dataships, in this role, acts as an extension of the team and is involved in Privacy discussions and the implications of product development for Privacy.