Our mission is to simplify data privacy for companies.

We are on a mission to demystify data privacy compliance. Our goal is to demonstrate how straight forward compliance can be and show companies the benefits of implementing a Best in Class Privacy Centre. The primary reason? Your users will love it. Showing customers you respect their data builds trust and establishes your brand as a company users want to interact with.

Michael Storan

Michael studied regulation at the London School of Economics and went on to found an online gambling company in 2015. In 2017 he sold that business to SKY and having experienced the problem first hand, dedicated himself to helping other business owners minimise and automate their compliance obligations.

Ryan McErlane

Ryan has spent a decade working with EY and Accenture on Enterprise Compliance programs. Having experienced the manual and repetitive fashion of these engagements, he is passionate about simplifying the process and introducing clarity and automation.